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Fisher Price

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About Fisher Price

Fisher Price are a leading American toy brand popularly known for high quality educational products. They offer learning toys suitable for ages ranging from birth all the way up to children who are 5+ years old. For over 80 years, Fisher Price has been a trusted toy brand amoung parents. Their engineers work tirelessly to produce high quality products that meet US safety regulations and International standards, to provide peace of mind to mums and dads around the world. Fisher Price pride themselves on conducting a lot of research and development throughout the process.

Popular products by Fisher Price include the Take Along Swing & Seat, Rock-A-Stack, Musical activity gym and 3-in-1 Smart Car. Brands also owned by Fisher Price include Laugh and Learn, Thomas & Friends, Little People, and Everything Baby.

History of Fisher Price

Founded in 1930, New York by Herm Fisher, he made it his goal to create toys that "appeal to the imagination". One year later, Herm's newest toys are introduced in Macy's, Americas leading department store. In 1950, the post-war housing boom creates a shortage of wood, so the Fisher Price engineers start testing with plastic as a new material, and it made it's debut appearance on 'Buzzy Bee's' wings. In 1957, the Corn Popper and Xylophone are introduced into their range. These items became one of the most popular, and are still sold throughout the world today. In 1993, Fisher Price became a subsidiary of Mattel.