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About LEGO

Lego A/S, doing business as The Lego Group, is a Danish family-owned company known internationally for their LEGO brick play system and mini figures. Lego is an integrated, full value-chain company that develops, manufactures, distributes, and sells play construction toys to consumers globally. Some of the most popular LEGO ranges include Ninjago, Friends, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

The company offers a range of other play products and digital games as well. LEGO products are distributed across the globe and many are available through retail stores like Target, Big W and Myer, along with also through their online store, although currently doesn't offer any PayLater payment options. Lego toys are found in a range of categories such as car, airplane, truck, train, boat, construction, building, house, space, and robot. Customers can also shop for toys designed for different age categories starting from 1 years of age. Lego can be purchased using Afterpay or Zip Pay via the online stores mentioned above.

History of LEGO

Lego was founded in 1932 and its first line of toys were made of wood. The first plastic LEGO bricks were manufactured in Denmark in 1947 and now, Lego owns factories throughout the world. The Lego Group recently became the world's largest toy company by revenue which reached $2.1 billion.