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About Fitbit

Fitbit has become synonymous for personal fitness trackers and smart watches. They help you improve your health and improve your personal motivation, by creating wireless-enabled products that help track and measure your excercise and activity, sleep, food and weight. They also offer a mobile app for Android and Apple IOS, along with a website to help you sync and keep track of your personal fitness data. We've shortlisted Afterpay Stores who offer Fitbit activity trackers and smart watches including Fitbit Versa, Charge, Blaze and their kids activity tracker Ace.

History of Fitbit

Headquartered in California, Fitbit is an innovative American company that was founded in 2007 by CEO James Park and CTO Eric Friedman. In 2015, they went public, filing the IPO at $358 million - trading under the symbol FIT. Their first products measured data such as number of steps walked. Since then, their latest products offer much more than that and track a broader range of health metrics.