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The following stores sell Groceries and have Afterpay


health food

Aussie Health

redwin beauty products

Chemist Direct

blackmores fishoil

Pharmacy Online

bio c vitamins


craft beer

Barrel & Batch

wine cheers

The Wine Collective

craft beers

Beer Cartel

evie the dog


labrador puppy


cute cat

Lucky Pet

Dog on Sofa


Vet Supply

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Looking for ways to buy now and pay later on your weekly grocery shop. We've shortlisted the best retailers where you can buy food and drink, alcohol and liquor, and general supermarket items with Afterpay. Although you currently can't shop at the major leading supermarkets with Afterpay, you can however buy from Coles on Ebay and select Afterpay as your payment method. Catch are also a top choice with their huge selection of grocery items (and at fantastic prices). Search for your favourite products using our search above, and you'll be able to easily uncover online stores that sell those lines. Give it a try today.