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The following stores sell Furniture and have ZipPay

checklist book

Amazon Australia

master bedroom

Amart Furniture

master bedroom furniture

B2C Furniture

modern kitchen


bedroom and bedspread


queen bed


bedroom by brosa

Brosa Furniture



living room


eva mattress

EVA Mattresses

apple laptop



hamilton sofa

Freedom Furniture

E-Living Furniture

Buy Furniture with Zip Pay

Love to Shop now and pay later? We've created a shortlist of some of the nations best online destination for purchasing furniture and home decor. Uncover the latest trends of sofas, coffee tables, beds, bar stools, dining chairs and so much more to help you style your home or office and get it looking incredible. Our top picks for furniture with ZipPay are Matt Blatt and Fantastic Furniture. Furnish your home with everything from contemporary to classical. You are bound to find what you are looking for with this list of leading online Zip retailers. Shopping for furniture with Zip or Zipmoney (large purchases) has never been so easy.